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The Future Of Coding And Computer Design In The American Work Force


If you are considering a career in coding and computer design, you may wonder about the prospects and what the future holds for this profession. New America breaks it down into one simple statement that “computer science (CS) is the future of the job market.”

When considering how essential technology has become to individuals, as well as to businesses, it makes sense that the demand in this field shows no signs of slowing down. The job outlook for a software developer, which requires coding skills and a computer design background, is anticipated to grow to 17 percent by 2024, which is far above the average of all professions.

Is Coding and Computer Design the New “Blue Collar Job”?

While many people imagine Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Niklaus Emil Wirth–the designer of several programming languages, including Pascal–there are plenty of coders putting in their 8am to 5pm hours without trying to light the tech world on fire. It is certainly a field where, with the right combination of inclination and education, most people can find a good and steady job. Wired notes that the average coder “isn’t going to get fabulously rich, but his job is stable and rewarding.”

With the projected demand in this field, coding certainly seems poised to become the next middle class work force standard, featuring an above-average, though not particularly lavish income.

How Competitive Is the Job Market for Coding and Computer Design Professionals?

The projected outlook for those holding computer design degrees is strong. College students who plan their degree according to their potential to find a job upon graduation seriously consider computer design degrees for good reason. Per Vernon Computer Source, students who choose to pursue an education in coding and computer design have chosen wisely. The 2016 article goes on to note that “most scientists, engineers and economists agree that every profession in the future will somehow be linked to computers,” which means that the technology interested will increasingly need graduates with coding skills who can fill in any gaps.

How Difficult Is the Schooling for Coding and Computer Design?

While coding and computer design does not require a “special brain,” according to TechCrunch, it does rely on strong skills in logic, as well as the development of the skill of asking the right questions to come to pinpoint and solve a problem.

New America discusses the introduction of computer science and coding curricula in grades K-12. Only half the principals surveyed provide meaningful computer science and coding courses while the other half report that they offer basic computer literacy.

Many savvy parents understand the importance of computer design and coding, and they want their children to have access to these skills as early as possible, according to Edutopia.

The Verdict on the Future of Coding and Computer Design in the American Work Force

The demand is certainly on the rise, so students who show an interest in coding are doing themselves a service when choosing to pursue an education in coding and computer design.

Advice for Graphic Design Students


The 21st century is an exciting time for graphic design. Today’s up and coming graphic designers have a wide range of options available to them that were not even a thing just a short decade ago. From online and freelance options to constantly advancing graphic design software, every day brings new changes and benefits to the graphic design world. Here are four great tips for today’s graphic design students.

Get Paid For Your Homework

Graphic design homework often involves design tasks like designing a logo or graphic involving a specific design element. With online services like Fiverr you can sometimes pick up a client that will pay you to do a project you can also use as your homework. Even if you don’t find a client through an online service, like all artists, budding graphic designers are generally surrounded by people who want them to just “throw something together” for them for free or at a very low cost. You can keep both your instructors and family & friends happy by combining homework projects with projects for family and friends – and make a few bucks in the process.

Start Working With Clients Now

Like all artists, graphic designers have to know far more than just how to use all the tools in the latest versions of InDesign. You have to know how to keep track of your time to figure out what to bill a client, how to deliver a product the client will love – even if you hate it – and what to do when a client doesn’t want to pay. Probably the most important thing of all that you will learn, however, is how to spot a “problem client” you want to avoid at all costs. Going back to those family and friends that want you to “whip something up for them real quick”? Those are now clients.

Don’t Work For Free

Building a business is a lot like dating: if you let people know up front you don’t put out on the first date, you stop getting asked out by people that expect you to put out on the first date. You may barter or trade for services, you may only charge $20 for a $50 job, but don’t work for free. This includes “spec” work! On the same note, don’t think you’re special. Lawyers get asked for free legal advice all the time, plumbers have family members that “just” want a garbage disposal installed “real quick” and doctors – well, you get the picture.

Get a Website, Business Cards And Don’t Tell Anyone You Are A Student

The difference between being a graphic designer and a doctor, lawyer or architect is that you don’t have to be licensed to call yourself one. As soon as you start designing, you are a graphic designer. As soon as you are a graphic designer, you can start building your own graphic design business and charging for your work.

Pros And Cons Of Storing Most Of Your Company’s Database On The Cloud


You heard a lot about cloud computing. You may even be considering taking the plunge and putting most of your company’s data on the cloud. Before you consider this move, there are a few things you need to consider such as the cloud services you’ll utilize for your database and how secure the cloud is. Accessibility is also a major concern. Having a remote storage database is prudent for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is business continuity after a disaster. ┬áHere are four pros and cons of utilizing the cloud.



The main reason why most companies decide to store data on the cloud is the ease of moving electronic files from local files to the cloud. You can access that information from any connected device from anywhere.


Unlike emails where you can only send limited bandwidth of information, with cloud storage you can place a link to the data. You do have to watch how much bandwidth you can use without paying substantial fees. Some cloud providers offer unlimited bandwidth.

No Server Maintenance

Small businesses appreciate the fact that they don’t need to manage their data onsite anymore. Remote cloud servers are managed and maintained by the cloud provider. This saves companies money in maintaining the software and hardware in house. It also saves labor costs.

Automatic Updates And Software

This is an important consideration when your business is growing. Cloud providers provide updates to hardware and software so you don’t have to do it. This saves time and frustration.



Your business is highly dependent on your Internet connection. Cloud servers are also dependent on Internet connections. Cloud providers can’t guarantee that they won’t have service outages or have hardware issues. This could put a serious dent in your business especially if the outage lasts more than a day or two.

Privacy And Security

Security and privacy concerns should be one of your business’ top concerns. There is a potential risk that all of your sensitive data could be leaked through the cloud. Remote access is your responsibility. You will need to encrypt your data before sending it through to the cloud.

Limited Control And Flexibility

Cloud providers do place certain controls on what customers can do with their databases. This can be an issue if you need to do something that the cloud provider won’t allow you to do. You may also have a problem if you want to switch cloud providers’ platforms. For instance, if you’re not happy with the performance of the cloud that the cloud provider assigns to you, you may not be able to get out of it due to migration issues.


Every business definitely needs to consider costs as they can vary from platform to platform. You should experiment with a variety of offerings before deciding on one cloud provider for your data storage needs.

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