The Future Of Coding And Computer Design In The American Work Force


If you are considering a career in coding and computer design, you may wonder about the prospects and what the future holds for this profession. New America breaks it down into one simple statement that “computer science (CS) is the future of the job market.”

When considering how essential technology has become to individuals, as well as to businesses, it makes sense that the demand in this field shows no signs of slowing down. The job outlook for a software developer, which requires coding skills and a computer design background, is anticipated to grow to 17 percent by 2024, which is far above the average of all professions.

Is Coding and Computer Design the New “Blue Collar Job”?

While many people imagine Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Niklaus Emil Wirth–the designer of several programming languages, including Pascal–there are plenty of coders putting in their 8am to 5pm hours without trying to light the tech world on fire. It is certainly a field where, with the right combination of inclination and education, most people can find a good and steady job. Wired notes that the average coder “isn’t going to get fabulously rich, but his job is stable and rewarding.”

With the projected demand in this field, coding certainly seems poised to become the next middle class work force standard, featuring an above-average, though not particularly lavish income.

How Competitive Is the Job Market for Coding and Computer Design Professionals?

The projected outlook for those holding computer design degrees is strong. College students who plan their degree according to their potential to find a job upon graduation seriously consider computer design degrees for good reason. Per Vernon Computer Source, students who choose to pursue an education in coding and computer design have chosen wisely. The 2016 article goes on to note that “most scientists, engineers and economists agree that every profession in the future will somehow be linked to computers,” which means that the technology interested will increasingly need graduates with coding skills who can fill in any gaps.

How Difficult Is the Schooling for Coding and Computer Design?

While coding and computer design does not require a “special brain,” according to TechCrunch, it does rely on strong skills in logic, as well as the development of the skill of asking the right questions to come to pinpoint and solve a problem.

New America discusses the introduction of computer science and coding curricula in grades K-12. Only half the principals surveyed provide meaningful computer science and coding courses while the other half report that they offer basic computer literacy.

Many savvy parents understand the importance of computer design and coding, and they want their children to have access to these skills as early as possible, according to Edutopia.

The Verdict on the Future of Coding and Computer Design in the American Work Force

The demand is certainly on the rise, so students who show an interest in coding are doing themselves a service when choosing to pursue an education in coding and computer design.

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